Patient Medical Records Privacy Principles in Healthcare

A fundamental principle of healthcare is the protection of data obtained with regards to patient treatment. However, maintaining the patients’ privacy in other aspects is also essential, as a show of respect for their autonomy and a way to build trust. Patient privacy includes several aspects, such as personal space (physical privacy), personal information (informational privacy), personal choices, such as cultural and religious affiliations (decisional privacy), and interpersonal relationships with family and other people in one’s life (associational privacy).

All medical and health care professionals, as well as all health care institutions including hospitals and clinics, are required by law to keep patient medical records and health information secure and private.

The following are a few things worth noting about patient record privacy:

  1. Patient Consent: Only those who have been authorized by the patients or their legal guardian may access their medical information. The patients have the right to allow or deny access to their medical records.
  2. Confidentiality and Data Security: Health facilities must put in place technical and administrative safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to or inappropriate use of medical record data.
  3. Access Restrictions: Only those responsible for a patient’s health card and those with specific permission are granted access to the patient’s medical records. These parties are required to protect the privacy of the data they have access to.
  4. Storage and Disposal: Medical records need to be properly stored and protected from damage or loss. Medical record data must be safely disposed of when it is no longer required or in compliance with the regulations.
  5. Penalties for Violations: The patients are protected by the law from any misuses or breaches of medical records privacy. Violating the medical records confidentiality may result in criminal, administrative, or civil penalties in accordance with the applicable regulations.

KMS’s Electronic Medical Record feature ensures the privacy and security of patient data through a security system with international standards. The patient data is stored and managed by a reputable cloud server provider. Data encryption will also maintain the data confidentiality.

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