Government Health Initiatives:New Systems with EMR & Top-Notch Security

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In today’s interconnected world, nations worldwide are embracing innovative healthcare initiatives to enhance population health. Examples of such groundbreaking endeavours can be found in Southeast Asia, with Indonesia’s very own health application, SatuSehat Indonesia, and in the Middle East, like the Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) E-Links system. While these initiatives aim to create a unified platform for healthcare data management and promote better patient care, they must be supported with new or modified Hospital Management Systems (HMS) and Clinic Information Systems (CIS) at all Health facilities. These systems must have an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) capable of interfacing with the Government Record. They must also have appropriate data security.

The Crucial Link: Hospital and Clinic Systems

These government initiatives can only thrive if healthcare facilities within the country possess Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems capable of seamlessly passing data to and from the government’s central healthcare system. As hospitals and clinics implement new or modified systems with EMR which comply with government initiatives and regulations, it becomes paramount to prioritize robust data security. The hospital and clinic systems serve as the crucial link between the government’s healthcare vision and the actual delivery of healthcare services to the population.

SatuSehat Indonesia:

The Indonesian government, through the Ministry of Health, has introduced SatuSehat Indonesia. This health application is designed to provide citizens with essential information and access to healthcare services. It plays a crucial role in monitoring public health conditions and implementing preventive measures while also supporting telemedicine and community health services.

Dubai Health Authority’s E-Links:

Similarly, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has taken a pioneering step in healthcare data management by implementing E-Links, a secure web-based system. This platform serves as a centralized hub connecting 382 healthcare facilities across Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The goal is to facilitate seamless access to patient data, streamline information exchange, and foster collaboration among healthcare providers, ultimately enhancing the quality, efficiency, and safety of healthcare delivery.

Modern Systems with EMR and robust security are a must at all medical facilities

In these evolving global healthcare systems, systems with an EMR and great data security takes center stage. The Indonesian Ministry of Health has mandated the implementation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in all healthcare facilities by December 31, 2023. Crucially, the EMR systems used must integrate seamlessly with the SatuSehat application. It will put pressure on many hospitals and clinics which do not have appropriate systems.

Ksatria Medical systems eHospital seamlessly collects patient data as patients travel on their journey through the hospital. At every step appropriate data is added to the patients EMR. Ksatria eHospital also incorporates robust role-based security practices to manage access and safeguard patient data. With the ability to integrate swiftly and efficiently with SatuSehat Indonesia, KMS ensures that patient information remains protected while supporting the government’s healthcare initiatives.

KMS: Enhancing Patient Outcomes and Healthcare Efficiency:

KMS is specifically designed to elevate patient outcomes and enhance the working lives of hospital staff. Its comprehensive approach integrates all points of care within hospitals and clinics, ensuring a seamless exchange of vital medical information.

As a testament to our commitment to improving healthcare in Indonesia, we invite you to explore KMS through our free product demo sessions. You can choose a convenient time slot by visiting this page. For any inquiries about KMS features and functionalities, please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at +62-821-4520-5712 or email us at

These global healthcare initiatives, exemplified by SatuSehat Indonesia and DHA’s E-Links, underscore the paramount importance of data security, interoperability, and the role of hospital and clinic systems in ensuring the well-being of populations worldwide.


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