Indonesian Digital Health Services “Satu Sehat”

Indonesian Digital Health Services

  • Indonesia is integrating patient medical record data in health facilities into one Indonesia Health Services (IHS) platform called SATUSEHAT which was officially launched by the Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin on Tuesday (26/7) in Jakarta.
  • In developing this platform, the Ministry of Health adopted the Platform-as-a-service (PAAS) infrastructure model that connects the entire ecosystem of health industry players to create one reliable national health data.
  • The Minister of Health said that the IHS exchange of national health data would be more efficient and effective.
  • Through this platform, people no longer need to carry physical medical record files if they have to move hospitals.
  • All patient medical record resumes have been recorded digitally on the SATUSEHAT platform which is integrated with PeduliLindung and can be accessed via mobile phones, anywhere and anytime.
  • “Through this integration, we will integrate patient health data from all health facilities (Hospitals, Clinics, Labs, Pharmacies) into PeduliLindungi” explained the Minister of Health.
  • Likewise for health workers, with the SATUSEHAT platform, health workers do not need to input data repeatedly in different applications.
  • In addition to being integrated with health service facilities, laboratories and pharmacies, the Ministry of Health plans to integrate SATUSEHAT with BPJS Health.
  • Integration includes a tuberculosis recording system, a digital recording system for maternal and perinatal mortality data, immunization, a national referral system, maternal and child health, an integrated data management information system for environmental health and disease control.
  • The data integration process into the SATUSEHAT platform will be carried out through several phases with the target of completing the data included in the medical resume standard to IHS.The first phase, patient registration data and diagnosis.
  • “I hope that SatuData Health will continue to grow, integrating demographic data, medical data, and even genomic data, which we will launch next August. So that Indonesia will have the most complete and integrated digital health data system,” said the Minister of Health. Furthermore, the Minister of Health hopes that the integration of health data will further strengthen Indonesia’s health system which is more sophisticated, efficient and effective.
  • The alpha version trial has been carried out to around 41 hospitals including 9 vertical hospitals and 32 DKI Jakarta hospitals and currently the IHS beta trial is underway in 31 institutions ranging from health companies to health labs.
  • Until the end of 2022, the Ministry of Health targets that there will be around 8,000 health care facilities in Indonesia that have been integrated with IHS and all of them are integrated by 2023. This will also be strengthened by regulations from the Ministry of Health that will regulate the use of the SATUSEHAT platform.”

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