About Us

Ksatria Medical Systems is an Australian enterprise, underpinned by a wholly owned and devoted development team based in Indonesia. We stand by our tagline “Continuous Commitment,” as we strive to be the premier provider of low-cost software solutions for hospitals and clinics worldwide.

Our cornerstone product, Ksatria eHospital, is a cloud-based, multilingual hospital and clinic information software. It is meticulously designed to integrate and streamline all aspects of patient care within a hospital or clinic. Our overarching goal is to unify and simplify healthcare operations to create an environment where patient care thrives.

Ksatria eHospital is the brainchild of a synergistic collaboration between medical professionals and experienced software specialists. The design aims to optimize all aspects of hospital operations, allowing for improved care delivery. This integrated system reduces the likelihood of human errors, enhances patient outcomes, and seamlessly manages medical records, pharmacy operations, billing procedures, and doctor’s compensations, to name a few.

The deployment of our Hospital and Clinic Information Systems offer numerous advantages:

Operational Efficiency

Our integrated healthcare system streamlines processes, minimizes redundancy, and expedites responsiveness, leading to heightened operational efficiency

Enhanced Patient Care

A reduction in human errors, coupled with a systematic approach to care, significantly improves the quality of patient services.

Data Security and Regulatory Compliance

Our software assures the safety of sensitive patient data and is designed to remain compliant with healthcare regulations.

Informed Decision Making

Access to comprehensive patient records equips healthcare providers with the necessary information to make informed decisions concerning patient care.

Cost Effective

Our system optimizes operations and reduces costs, fostering a financially efficient healthcare environment.

At Ksatria Medical Systems, we are unwavering in our commitment to elevating the healthcare landscape. We endeavour to revolutionize the patient care experience, making it safer, more efficient, and more effective for all stakeholders involved.

The Story Behind KMS

This is the story behind the creation of KMS our Mission & Vision. Full story.

dr. Karina Kazia Harris

Is a medical doctor with experience in working for both government-owned and private hospital chains, she graduated from Gadjah Mada University in 2018. As part of the new generation of technology savvy medical doctors, she is passionate about applied technology and digital media.

“I am working with Ksatria because I believe hospital information systems ( HIS ) are the future, and it is important to make it as accessible, functional, and affordable for all levels of healthcare institutions in Indonesia.”

“Together with KMS, I hope to dispel the stigma that hospital information systems ( HIS ) are impractical and complicated and improve the quality of healthcare services with the help of effective and efficient information systems.”

dr. Ishak Yunanto Suryawan

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Gadjah Mada University in 2006, dr. Ishak Suryawan started his career as a researcher on primary health care system and hospital management, while practicing in a clinic and giving lectures on Biostatistics and Public Health.

After joining a hospital management consulting bureau for a few years, in 2009 Ishak started working as a Medical Consultant for an IT company that developed Hospital Information System ( HIS ). Ishak said, “Technology is increasingly important in the hospital industry. Having an ideal Hospital Management Information System ( HIS ) will help hospitals optimize their potential and provide better health services for everyone.”

Ishak joined Ksatria at the early stage of eHospital development. His 10+ years’ experience in the Medical IT industry enabled him to better understand the challenges that medical personnel face in providing the best care. He is an “insider” who is able to become an intermediary between the world of medicine and IT. “My hope is that eHospital will give doctors optimum experience when working with HIS, which eventually improve the patients’ treatment outcome.”

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