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Meet the faces that put the ‘people’ in our business. Our team is a vibrant blend of skills, personalities, and passion. Get to know the individuals who bring our brand to life.

Ida Bagus Afriana Putra

Ida Bagus Afriana Putra

Co-Founder, Director of Operations (Indonesia) & Technical Director. As the Director of Operations in Indonesia, Afri brings a wealth of experience in the technology and healthcare sectors to our organization. With a strong background in project management and strategic leadership, he ensures the smooth functioning of our operations in Indonesia.

Having previously served as the Country Manager for Mitrais in Vietnam, Afri possesses valuable insights into international markets. His expertise in managing projects and fostering business growth has been instrumental in driving our success.

As the Technical Director, Afri also oversees the technical aspects of our solutions, ensuring they are cutting-edge, innovative, and aligned with the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. His technical proficiency and strategic vision contribute to the development and advancement of our Hospital and Clinic Management Systems.

With Afri’s leadership and expertise, Ksatria Medical Systems continues to make significant strides in revolutionizing healthcare management, both locally in Indonesia and on a technical level.

Meet Dr. Ishak Suryawan, our Medical Director and System Design Specialist at Ksatria Medical Systems.

With a unique combination of medical expertise and business acumen, Dr. Suryawan plays a crucial role in shaping the overall design and functionality of our Ksatria Medical Systems (KMS). As the Medical Director, he brings his extensive knowledge as a qualified medical practitioner to ensure that our solutions meet the highest standards of healthcare excellence.

In addition to his medical background, Dr. Suryawan holds an MBA degree, which further enhances his ability to understand the intricate relationship between healthcare and business processes. His diverse experience includes serving as a Business Consultant at PT Mitrais, where he contributed to system development and implementation, particularly in the medical field.

Previously, as a Hospital Management Consultant at PT HCM Excellence, Dr. Suryawan played a vital role in various hospital management projects, including market surveys, strategic planning, and business plan implementation across Indonesia. He has a proven track record of effectively combining his medical expertise with his business insights to drive successful outcomes.

Dr. Suryawan’ journey also includes experience as a Medical Coordinator/Practitioner, where he practiced medicine and coordinated a team of medical professionals. Additionally, he served as a consultant at CFMPHCSD, Gadjah Mada University, focusing on family medicine and primary healthcare system development.

With Dr. Ishak Suryawan’ exceptional leadership, deep understanding of medical practices, and strategic vision, Ksatria Medical Systems continues to deliver innovative solutions that improve healthcare outcomes and enhance operational efficiency.

dr. Ishak Yunanto Suryawan

dr. Ishak Yunanto Suryawan

dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ikhsan

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ikhsan is a  medical doctor with an experience in healthcare services. He graduated from UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta and has accumulated nearly 4 years of experience as a hospital doctor. In 2023, Dr. Hafiz joined Ksatria Medical Systems (KMS), where he currently serves as an Implementation Coordinator. His diverse experience in both clinical practice and healthcare project management underscores his commitment to improve patient care and operational efficiency for healthcare services.

Introducing Totok Sudarmanto, our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Sales Director at Ksatria Medical Systems.

As the CFO, Totok brings extensive financial expertise and plays a pivotal role in driving the financial strategy and ensuring the financial health of our company. With a focus on group consolidated accounts, cash flow forecasts, statutory reports, budget preparation, audit, and taxation, Totok leads our financial operations with precision and strategic insight.

With a background as a Commercial Director at Mitrais Pte Ltd, Totok also brings valuable experience in sales leadership. His deep understanding of both finance and sales allows him to contribute to business solution design, testing, and implementation in medical projects, while driving sales growth.

Prior to joining Ksatria Medical Systems, Totok held the position of Finance Manager at various companies including PT Mincom Indoservices, where he displayed strong financial management skills and played a crucial role in decision-making.

With Totok’s expertise as our CFO and Sales Director, Ksatria Medical Systems benefits from his strategic financial guidance and sales leadership, contributing to the overall success and growth of our organization.

Totok Sudarmanto

Totok Sudarmanto

David Magson MBE

David Magson MBE

Introducing David Magson MBE, our Managing Director at Ksatria Medical Systems.

With a diverse background spanning Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia, David brings a wealth of experience in the mining, operations research, and IT industries. Over the past 30 years, he has founded and held the position of CEO in four companies.

As our Managing Director, David provides strategic leadership and oversees the overall operations of Ksatria Medical Systems. His extensive experience in business management and entrepreneurship serves as a driving force behind our company’s success.

Furthermore, David has been actively involved in various organizations and initiatives, including serving as a Board Member at MediRecords, a cloud-based clinical and practice management solution for healthcare professionals in Australia. He is also the Founder and Supervisory Board Member of YKIP (Yayasan Kemanusaian Ibu Pertiwi), a foundation dedicated to improving the lives of the needy in Bali through educational support and services.

Additionally, David serves as an Investor and Board Observer at Codebots, a streamlined development tool designed to enhance business agility and software development processes.

With his vast experience and entrepreneurial spirit, David plays a crucial role in guiding Ksatria Medical Systems towards its mission of revolutionizing healthcare worldwide. His strategic vision and leadership contribute to our company’s growth and success in delivering innovative solutions to the healthcare industry

Is a medical doctor with experience in working for both government-owned and private hospital chains, she graduated from Gadjah Mada University in 2018. As part of the new generation of technology savvy medical doctors, she is passionate about applied technology and digital media.

“I am working with Ksatria because I believe hospital information systems ( HIS ) are the future, and it is important to make it as accessible, functional, and affordable for all levels of healthcare institutions in Indonesia.”

“Together with KMS, I hope to dispel the stigma that hospital information systems ( HIS ) are impractical and complicated and improve the quality of healthcare services with the help of effective and efficient information systems.”


dr. Karina Kazia Harris

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