Why Choose us?

Low-Costs, Advanced Technology, Easy to Use

SaaS Architecture

Low cost solution; clients need a fraction of the investment for infrastructure and no maintenance fees required for the application.

Cloud Or On Premises Installation

KMS has the flexibility to be installed in the cloud or on premise when the internet is slow or unreliable.

Subscription Based

An affordable model to help clients create better cash flow projections to maximize revenue while providing excellent services.

Plug n Play

Fast implementation with user friendly interface to improve user experience and reduce implementation costs.

Improve Patient Safety

Consistent clinical functionality across all services, allowing medical staff to work on accurate patient data.

Any Devices

Applications have responsive designes to enable staff to use any kind of device.

Clear Product Roadmap

We want to ensure you will have the latest enhancements and latest technology.


Ensure clients comply with regulations. Country specific availability.

Globally Accepted

Our system is easily adopted by hospitals internationally.

Benefits We Bring to Your Hospital and Clinic

Our vision is that we will be a global leader in the development and supply of Hospital Information Systems ( HIS ) and Clinic Information System to developing economies. Our software will improve patient outcomes and the working lives of hospital and clinic staff. We will be recognised as a force for good. We will improve operational efficiency and cost effectiveness so financial investment in hospitals is encouraged.

Hospital management system


Our Social Mission is to provide a low-cost Hospital Information System ( HIS ) and Clinic Information System which helps all hospital or clinic departments to improve patient outcomes. Our focus is developing economies where cost effectiveness is a priority. 


Our team has extensive implementation experience and knowledge from a wide range of industries.


We provide a standardized support process to ensure that all requests are appropriately documented and monitored. .

Electronic health record

Skillful Team

We know our product and we know what we do. We can provide guidance on how to improve hospitals existing processes.

Our Commitment

We have been in this field for many years and are committed to the healthcare industry to support our client’s business for the long term.