Ksatria Medical Systems

We will Streamline your operations, save costs and improve patient service

SaaS Architecture

Our cost-effective solution ensures that clients require only a fraction of the investment for infrastructure. There are no maintenance fees for the application.

Cloud Or On Premises Installation

Ksatria Medical Systems offers flexibility, allowing installation in the cloud or on-premise, ideal for areas with slow or unreliable internet.

Subscription Based

We present an affordable model enabling clients to create precise cash flow projections, maximizing revenue while delivering excellent healthcare services.

Plug n Play

Experience a swift implementation with a user-friendly interface, enhancing user experience and reducing implementation costs.

Improve Patient Safety

Benefit from consistent clinical functionality across all services, empowering medical staff to work with accurate patient data.

Any Devices

Our applications feature responsive designs, allowing staff to use various devices for seamless access.

Clear Product Roadmap

We are committed to providing you with the latest enhancements and technology to keep your system at the forefront of healthcare innovation.


Ensure clients' compliance with local federal laws and regulations and enjoy country-specific availability tailored to their needs.

Globally Accepted

Seamlessly becoming a part of healthcare systems globally, our hospital & clinic management software is designed for easy adoption by hospitals and clinics internationally. This ensure efficient implementation and utilization across diverse healthcare environments.

Benefits We Bring to Your Hospital and Clinic

Ksatria Medical Systems aspires to be a global leader in Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Clinic Information Systems, making significant contributions to regions with evolving healthcare systems and enhancing patient outcomes on a global scale.

Hospital management system

Need a service that's not listed?

Do you have unique needs that not covered in our services? Reach out to us on WhatsApp, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Why Choose Us?

Our social mission focuses on providing a low-cost HIS and Clinic Information System, particularly benefiting hospitals and clinics where cost-effectiveness is a priority.


Our team brings extensive implementation experience and knowledge from various health care industries.


We provide a standardized support process, ensuring that all requests are appropriately documented and monitored.

Electronic health record

Skillful Team

With in-depth knowledge of our electronic patient record system, we guide clients on improving existing hospital processes.

Our Commitment

With years of experience, we are committed to the healthcare industry, devoted to supporting our clients' business for the long term.

Trusted by Many Healthcare Facilities

Ksatria Medical Systems has been trusted by various healthcare facilities both domestically and internationally.