SATUSEHAT & Ksatria Integration: Ensuring Compliance with Indonesian Regulations


The Indonesian government’s commitment to improving healthcare services and realizing the vision of Indonesia Sehat (Healthy Indonesia) has led to the creation of the SATUSEHAT platform. This groundbreaking initiative, aligned with the 2024 Digital Health Transformation Blueprint, is designed to streamline and consolidate healthcare services across the nation. It serves as a pivotal component of integrated healthcare services, setting standardized service specifications and ensuring the continuity of healthcare services for Indonesian citizens.

SATUSEHAT Platform focuses on four main purposes:

  • Standardization: It provides standardized specifications and mechanisms for various aspects, including business processes, data, technical elements, and security.
  • Development Flexibility: The platform allows software developers to create applications using different programming languages that support data exchange specifications, including HL7 FHIR and HTTPS REST API.
  • Unique Identification: SATUSEHAT generates a unique SATUSEHAT ID for each Indonesian citizen, ensuring seamless access to healthcare services.
  • Service Offerings: SATUSEHAT offers four essential services, including Master Patient Index, Healthcare Workers Master Data Index, Patient Registration, and Delivery of Patient Diagnostic Data.

Additionally, SATUSEHAT introduces the concept of Master Data Index, providing standardized data on patients, healthcare workers, healthcare facilities, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health financing, and healthcare services.

Ksatria eHospital and eClinic: Integration and compliance with SATUSEHAT

Ksatria’s Information Systems, including eHospital & eClinic, play a vital role in supporting the SATUSEHAT platform’s objectives and helping customers comply with Indonesian government regulations, which require the upload of patient data to SATUSEHAT. Here’s how eHospital and eClinic integrate seamlessly:

  • High Interoperability: Ksatria eHospital and eClinic adhere to high interoperability standards, ensuring that medical records can be accessed and shared seamlessly with the SATUSEHAT Platform. This synchronization enhances data accuracy and speed.
  • Secure EMR Management: Ksatria eHospital and eClinic provide a secure and well-organized Electronic Medical Records (EMR) management system. This not only safeguards patient data but also facilitates easy access and analysis for medical professionals.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Ksatria eHospital and eClinic assist healthcare facilities in complying with Indonesian government regulations by seamlessly uploading patient data to SATUSEHAT. This ensures that healthcare providers meet the mandatory requirements while delivering quality care.
  • Integrated Healthcare Services: Through integrations, Ksatria eHospital and eClinic enable effective collaboration among various healthcare services. Information flows seamlessly across hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and related institutions, creating an integrated healthcare ecosystem.

By combining the capabilities of SATUSEHAT and Ksatria eHospital & eClinic, Indonesia is making significant strides in improving healthcare services while ensuring compliance with government regulations. This integration reflects the government’s dedication to offering high-quality, equitable, and technology-driven healthcare. As the SATUSEHAT platform continues to evolve and strengthen, along with innovations like Ksatria eHospital and eClinic, Indonesia is on its way to achieving an enhanced healthcare service, building a healthier and more prosperous nation.

For more information about Ksatria eHospital and eClinic, we invite you to explore our free product demo sessions. Please select a demo schedule that suits your availability by visiting this page. If you have further inquiries about our features or regulatory compliance, please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at +62-821-4520-5712 or email us at


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