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Efficiency and accuracy are paramount in the operations of a hospital pharmacy. Ensuring that patients receive the right medications, in the right doses, and at the right time is vital for their well-being. In this article, we will explore the Pharmacy Information System within Ksatria eHospital, a comprehensive Hospital Management System designed to cater to the specific needs of medical professionals, pharmacists, and hospital administrators in developing economies where value for money is always a consideration.

(a) What the Pharmacist Sees

At the core of efficient and accurate medication management is the role of the pharmacist. Ksatria eHospital’s Pharmacy Information System empowers pharmacists with a user-friendly platform that enhances their ability to dispense medications with precision and care.

Key Features for Pharmacists:


  • The system streamlines prescription printing and labelling, ensuring a quick and efficient medication dispensing process.
  • Patients benefit from faster medication retrieval, contributing to their overall satisfaction and well-being.


2. Allocation and Issuance Control:

  • Medication allocation and dispensing adhere to established standards, promoting better monitoring and control.
  • This ensures accurate medication dispensing and the maintenance of accurate warehouse stock data.


3. Compound and Non-Compound Drug Prescriptions:

  • Doctors can input preconfigured formulas for compound medications, saving time and ensuring precision in the prescription process.


4. Compound Medication Master:

  • Doctors can input preconfigured formulas for compound medications, saving time and ensuring precision in the prescription process.


5. Pharmacy Labels:

  • The system assists users in printing medication labels that include usage instructions and expiration dates, promoting clarity and understanding of medication information.


6. BPJS/Non-BPJS Prescriptions:

  • In Indonesia eHospital interfaces to Government Systems (BPJS). The system categorizes BPJS and non-BPJS prescriptions separately for efficient processing and reporting, reducing input errors.


7. Advanced Search Filters:

  • Prescription searches are made easier with various search parameters, enabling quicker and more efficient prescription retrieval.


8. Allergies and Important Notes:

  • Allergy information and important patient notes are prominently displayed, allowing pharmacists to provide appropriate care based on patient needs.


9. Prescription Review:

  • This critical process ensures that prescriptions are dispensed to the correct patients, minimizing errors and enhancing patient safety.


10. Queue Numbers:

  • The system facilitates patient queue management, allowing pharmacists to maintain order, and patients to track dispensing progress easily.

(b) What the Doctor Sees:

Ksatria eHospital’s Pharmacy Information System is designed to facilitate precision prescribing for doctors during medical examinations. It provides doctors with essential information and tools to make informed decisions when prescribing medications.

Key Features for Doctors:

1. Real-time Stock Availability

  • Doctors have real-time access to the available stock within the hospital pharmacy during the prescription process. This transparency ensures that prescribed medications are in stock, minimizing delays in patient treatment.


2. Alternative Medication Options:

  • In cases where the prescribed medication is low in stock or unavailable, the system intelligently suggests alternative medicines that are readily available. This feature eliminates disruptions in patient care and enhances the flexibility of healthcare providers.


3. Comprehensive Medication History:

  • The Pharmacy Information System maintains a detailed record of past prescriptions for each patient. This historical data helps doctors make informed decisions by considering the patient’s medication history, thereby reducing the risk of adverse drug interactions.


4. Allergy Alerts:

  • The system also flags known patient allergies during the prescription process, providing an additional layer of safety. Doctors are promptly alerted to potential allergens, enabling them to choose medications that align with the patient’s medical history.

(c) What the Hospital Administrator Sees:

Hospital administrators play a vital role in overseeing the efficient and cost-effective operations of the hospital. Ksatria eHospital’s Pharmacy Information System provides administrators with valuable insights and tools to manage stock levels, reorder medications, and track medical costs.

Key Points for Hospital Administrators:

1. Stock Levels and Reordering Advice: 

  • Automated reordering advice ensures that critical medications are replenished promptly, reducing the risk of stockouts.


2. Medical Costs in Patient Invoices:

  • The Pharmacy Information System seamlessly integrates with the hospital’s billing system, enabling administrators to track medical costs as a component of patients’ invoices. 
  • This transparency ensures accurate billing and facilitates financial management for the hospital. 



In conclusion, Ksatria eHospital’s Pharmacy Information System empowers both pharmacists, doctors, and hospital administrators to achieve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in medication management. For medical professionals, pharmacists, and hospital administrators in developing economies, Ksatria eHospital offers a robust solution that optimizes pharmacy operations while ensuring patient safety, satisfaction, and cost-effective management.

Discover the full potential of Ksatria eHospital‘s Pharmacy Information System by participating in our free product demo sessions. To schedule a demo, visit our demo scheduling page. If you have any further questions about our features or pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp at +62-821-4520-5712 or send us an email at sales@ksatria.com.

Elevate your hospital’s pharmacy operations with Ksatria eHospital and experience the efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effective management that will benefit both your staff and patients.

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