Electronic Stock Catalogue Management Systems in Hospitals

Stock catalogue management in hospitals is a crucial aspect to ensure the availability and proper use of medications. To support efficiency and accuracy in stock catalogue management, Ksatria eHospital has developed an appropriate information system to meet the needs of hospitals. In this article, we will explain the stock catalogue management information system in hospitals, focusing on convenience, accuracy, and optimal efficiency, with the following advanced features:

  1. Stock Catalogue: This system enables structured and organized management of inventory stock data in hospitals. Information about medicines and other items can be easily managed, including details such as name, code, description, category, and stock availability.
  2. Stock Labelling: This feature allows for the labelling of medicines based on specific criteria or types, such as expiration dates, therapy groups, or usage types. This helps the pharmacy department in selecting appropriate medications according to patient needs and ensures the quality and safety of medication use.
  3. Determining Medication Usage: In this system, the process of determining the method and unit of medication consumption can be accelerated. Users can easily establish rules and the proper dosage unit for each usage based on established guidelines and protocols.
  4. Catalogue Approval: This feature allows authorized personnel in the hospital to review, approve, or reject stock items before including them in the stock catalogue. With the approval mechanism in place, hospitals can ensure compliance with established policies, formularies, and medication usage guidelines.
  5. Data Export and Import: This system provides users with the convenience of inputting or modifying stock catalogue data using standardized templates, thus expediting the implementation process and data updates. Additionally, the data export and import features allow users to synchronize data for higher efficiency.
  6. Integration with Other Systems: This stock catalogue management information system can be integrated with other systems in the hospital, such as pharmacy, finance, or inventory and stock management information systems. This integration enables fast and accurate data exchange between these systems, allowing for consolidated and efficient catalogue management.

With the stock catalogue management information system provided by Ksatria eHospital, hospitals can optimize the management of stock items with convenience, accuracy, and optimal efficiency. From structured stock data management to stock labelling, rapid determination of medication usage, integrated catalogue approval processes, and the ease of data export and import, this system offers the best solution to ensure the availability of appropriate medications, efficient resource utilization, and optimal patient safety in hospitals.

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