Ksatria eHospital Achieves Certification by Ministry of Kominfo!

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We are pleased to announce that Ksatria Medical Systems (KMS) is amongst the first foreign Medical Systems Vendors to achieve certification by Minister of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia for Ksatria: eHospital! In particular, for its Electronic Medical Records facility! David Magson CEO of Ksatria Medical Systems said that he is delighted that eHospital is now capable of supporting Indonesia’s digital health strategy. It means that any Hospital or Clinic using eHospital will be able to integrate with the PeduliLindungi application, which in the future will become a citizen health superapp.  This electronic medical record is the sixth pillar of health technology in the health transformation that is being intensified by the Ministry of Health. This pillar aims to build a platform for all people to access health documents.

What Is eHospital?

eHospital is a Hospital Information and Clinical Management System which includes an Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The EMR  captures and stores patient health information in digital format. It enables authorized users such as doctors, nurses, and other clinicians to access patient medical records from any location at any time. The system also allows for sharing of information with other healthcare providers within and outside the organization.

eHospital was designed with user friendliness in mind. The system is highly configurable and can be customized to meet the needs of any hospital or clinic. It is also scalable, so it can be easily expanded to accommodate growth. The certification by Minister of Information and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia is a significant milestone for Ksatria Medical Systems. It highlights our commitment to providing high quality products and services that meet the needs of our customers. This certification will open up new opportunities for us as we continue our efforts to expand our presence in Southeast Asia and Globally.

To learn more about KMS, we provide a free product demo session. You can select a time that best fits your schedule here. Should you have further inquiry about the features in KMS, please contact our WhatsApp number at +62-821-4520-5712 or email us at sales@ksatria.com.

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