Transformation of Health Technology

transformasi teknologi kesehatan

The Indonesian Ministry of Health cooperates with all ministries, agencies, local governments, and related sectors to communicate the provision of child immunization in health care facilities, as well as immunization service posts during the implementation of the National Child Immunization Month (BIAN).

  • Results of the immunization services for each target would be recorded electronically.
  • This electronic registration is an implementation of the six pillars of health transformation, namely the transformation of health technology. 
  • The public can find out the status of health services that have been provided through the PeduliLindung application, which is connected to the ASIK application.
  • Not only immunization records are carried out electronically, Minister of Health Budi also ensures that medical records in hospitals are recorded and documented digitally in a proper manner.
  • Later, the medical records will be entered into the hospital database. When a patient is referred from a hospital to another, their diagnostic support results are also transferred, avoiding the need to redo the examination.
  • “This will be much more efficient. The information about patients will become more transparent to the patients themselves, and all the data belongs to the patients,” said the Minister of Health. 

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