Improving Patient Safety in the Operating Room with Ksatria eHospital

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In the medical industry, patient safety is a top priority, especially in the hospital’s operating room. To support these efforts, KMS has developed Ksatria eHospital, an innovative information system that focuses on patient safety. In this article, we will discuss the operating room feature in Ksatria eHospital information system, with a focus on patient safety.

Here are some important features of this system:

1. Patient Flow:

This system is designed to create a smooth and orderly patient flow. With an integrated information system, important patient information can be efficiently communicated to the entire medical team involved in the surgical process. This ensures that patients receive coordinated and efficient care.

2. Surgical and Anaesthesia Information:

This system allows for detailed recording of surgical and anaesthesia information. Medical teams can document all procedures, surgical techniques, and anaesthetic agents used during the operation. This information is crucial for post-operative monitoring and analysis, as well as a reference for further treatment.

3. Preoperative Care:

This information system supports the recording of standard preoperative procedures in electronic medical records. Information about preoperative examinations, laboratory test results, and patient health evaluations can be easily accessed by the medical team. This ensures that patients are prepared for surgery in optimal condition.

4. Intraoperative Care:

All actions and interventions performed during the operation can be recorded in this information system. The information includes details such as the timing of procedures, types of procedures performed, and instruments used. Accurate and detailed recording assists the medical team in monitoring the progress of the operation and providing appropriate care to the patients.

5. Postoperative Care:

After the surgery is completed, this information system allows for the recording of surgical outcomes, postoperative care plans, lists of necessary examinations, and the patient’s condition in the recovery room. This information is crucial for monitoring patient recovery, ensuring the success of the operation, and providing appropriate follow-up care.

6. Complications:

This information system also enables the recording of surgical complication data that may occur during or after the operation. This information provides valuable insights for the medical team to quickly identify and address complications. Additionally, complication data helps the hospital monitor the quality of care and take necessary actions to enhance patient safety.

With the operating room information system provided in Ksatria eHospital, hospitals can enhance patient safety by equipping the medical team with the necessary tools to effectively manage information. From detailed recording of surgical and anaesthesia information to monitoring preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care, as well as accurate recording of complications, this system offers a holistic solution to enhance patient safety and the quality of care in the hospital’s operating room.

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