Improving your Accounting Processes with our Journal Feature

Accounting processes with Journal feature

Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Clinic Information Systems (CIS) play a crucial role in managing patient data, medical reporting, and financial administration. The Journal feature is among the components involved in handling the administration process, not only those related to goods/inventory but also financial transactions. It is tightly linked to the stock management, purchasing processes, prescriptions and inpatient medications dispensing, to billing and payments. The feature ultimately contributes to accurate transaction documentation, resulting in data that can be processed into accounting reports to overview the financial circumstances of the healthcare service facilities.

Ksatria, as a leading solution provider for HIS and CIS, not only facilitates the management of clinical data but also provides features to support accounting processes. This article will specifically discuss the Journal feature as seen in Ksatria eHospital and eClinic, and how the feature can assist users.

Automated Journal Creation

The Journal feature in Ksatria applications allows hospitals and clinics to record all financial transactions systematically and automatically. With such a feature, each financial activity, such as patient payments, drug purchases, and other operational costs, are recorded into accounting journalsin real time. The feature also records stock input through purchasing or inventory adjustments, and stock usage such as prescriptions, inpatient medications, or expenditure goods. This improves data accuracy and reduces the risk of manual entry errors. This feature also allows users to access and re-analyze journal data that has been generated. This makes it easier for auditors and financial management to monitor the financial health of hospitals or clinics effectively.

Journal Export and Integration with Financial Application

With the export feature, users can export journal data into Excel file periodically or based on a specific date. The file then is being imported to the Xero application, which collaborates with Ksatria system to generate more report such as income statements, balance sheet report and cash flow statements. Xero also provides features of receivable accounts, inventory tracking, and automatic bank reconciliation. Its seamless Integration with banking and electronic payment services makes a faster and automated process of payment and receive fund. The features offer insights of the healthcare financial condition necessary for business decision-making.

In the future, the flexibility of Ksatria eHospital and eClinic will allow export of journal data into formats that can be imported into financial applications other than Xero.

Account Configuration and Journal Numbering

The journal data in Ksatria can be exported into a pre-formatted excel file so that it can be directly imported into Xero application. To connect data exchange between the two applications, the Chart of Accounts data needs to be synchronized. Chart of accounts data that has been generated in Xero can be entered into Ksatria. Apart from that, you can also set control accounts which will appear in the transaction journal. Users can also determine the journal numbering format which will be created automatically.


Financial and management processes are often underestimated. Often, clinic or hospital management prioritizes front-office processes, neglecting crucial processes that occur behind the scenes or in the back office to ensure the continuity of the clinic or hospital. With automated processes, seamless integration, and robust data analysis capabilities from the Ksatria eHospital Information System, hospitals and clinics can focus on patient care and better manage their finances.

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