Inpatient Care – advantages of using a Hospital Management System (HIS)

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Efficiency and good coordination are crucial in providing inpatient care in a hospital. To support these efforts, KMS has developed an innovative Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) for inpatient care. In this article, we will discuss the inpatient care system provided by KMS HIMS, highlighting the following features:

1. Familiar Functions:

KMS HIMS offers functionalities similar to other clinical modules. This allows medical staff to quickly adapt to the inpatient care system and efficiently utilize the available features.

2. Clinical Management:

KMS HIMS provides comprehensive clinical management. Inpatient care data, including physician and nurse notes, electronic orders, observations, monitoring, and medication usage, are well-documented and integrated with the Electronic Health Record (EHR). With this information system, the medical team can easily access relevant information and provide coordinated and timely care.

3. Admission, Discharge, and Transfer:

KMS HIMS supports the processes of patient admission to inpatient care, discharge, and inter-room transfers. These processes can be carried out quickly and efficiently through the information system, reducing wait times and ensuring smooth patient transfers between care units.

4. Room Transfers:

KMS HIMS allows for easy patient transfers to different rooms or beds. Real-time information on bed and room availability facilitates staff in arranging and allocating beds according to patient needs.

5. Referrals and Follow-up Appointments:

KMS HIMS facilitates the creation of referrals or follow-up appointments for further examinations after a patient’s discharge. With this information system, the referral or appointment can be planned quickly and efficiently, enabling patients to continue their care without delays.

With the inpatient care information system provided by Ksatria Medical Systems (KMS), hospitals can enhance efficiency and coordination in delivering inpatient care. From integrated clinical management, the admission-discharge-transfers flow, and planning of referrals or follow-up appointments, this system provides a comprehensive solution to improve the quality of inpatient care in hospitals.

We, Ksatria Medical Systems (KMS), support hospitals and clinics to enhance efficiency and coordination in delivering inpatient care.

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