How – Body Charts – are an essential feature of a HIS/HMS

Pentingnya Diagram Tubuh dalam SIMRS

Hospital Information System (HIS) is an application to manage data and information related to processes in hospitals, including patient data and their medical records.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) can improve the productivity and efficiency of medical professionals, lower the expense of utilizing paper, and allow comprehensive and easy access to patient medical history data. One of the features in EMR is the body chart. Without HIS, doctors would normally draw body parts and mark or record the abnormalities and conditions in a piece of paper. With the use of HIS, doctors can easily manage the body charts because they are directly entered into the application and integrated with EMR.

Body charts can be beneficial in HIS because they can help doctors and other medical professionals review and better understand the patient’s health conditions. Medical professionals are also able to make comparisons of a patient’s current and previous conditions. This will help doctors define more accurately and determine a sufficient treatment plan for the patients.

In addition, body charts can be used as a visual reference to help explain the patients’ condition to the patients and their family more clearly. When a patient needs to be referred, either to another specialist in the same health facility or outside their facility, the body charts can provide a more precise description of the patient’s conditions. Therefore, the presence of body charts in HIS is crucial to facilitate communication between the medical professionals and the patients, which can eventually help improve the overall quality of patient care.

Ksatria Medical Systems (KMS):

Which has been developed with advanced technology, has implemented body charts in EMR to help doctors and medical professionals. KMS are also able to help medical professionals manage other processes related to patient care. Data between processes can be integrated to each other and at the end can be processed into reports to monitor the health facility’s performance.

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