PeduliLindungi will be the Government of Indonesia’s Health Data Bank

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The PeduliLindungi application will be utilized as a personal health data bank on SatuSehat platform, according to Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin. 

Previously, people used PeduliLindungi application mostly to record vaccination data and as a scanning instrument when visiting shopping malls and other public facilities. Moving forward, PeduliLindungi application will be transformed into SatuHealth platform, which is a part of the electronic systems in Indonesia, SatuData.

The Satu Data Indonesia platform contains health, financial, social, and natural resources data. One of the sub-sectors of technology system in Health is SatuSehat. The platform will be mandatory for all healthcare providers in Indonesia, who are expected to integrate their data into SatuSehat at the latest by the end of 2023.

By integrating the patients’ data from all healthcare providers into SatuSehat, not only the patients, but also the doctors can benefit from the data integration. Doctors will be able to access the patient’s complete medical history, which will help them diagnose the patients.

To help the healthcare providers contribute in the SatuSehat and Satu Data Indonesia programs, KMS can help hospitals or clinics integrate their data to SatuSehat.

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