Cloud vs On-Premises Implementations for Hospital Management Systems

Nowadays, implementing a health information system in a clinic or hospital is a crucial requirement. Ksatria offers two implementation models: cloud and on-premises. The following are detailed comparisons between the two options, including the physical infrastructure and human resource requirements.



  • All requirements to install and run the application server will be provided by Ksatria.
  • Ksatria is responsible for the server maintenance, updates, and other support.
  • The clinic or hospital only needs to provide the computers and internet connection required to run the application.


  • A sizeable amount of investment is needed for the purchase of the server, building the infrastructures (an air-conditioned room to stabilize the server and the internal network installation).
  • Additional costs are required to hire an IT staff to periodically maintain the server and troubleshoot any errors.



  • Ksatria utilizes an internationally renowned cloud provider with robust security.
  • Ksatria will be in charge of backup and disaster recovery.


  • Security controls will adhere strictly to the clinic or hospital’s internal policies.
  • The clinic/hospital is responsible for the backup and disaster recovery.
  • The clinic/hospital is accountable for any risks of server damage, data theft, and security breach.

Conclusion Ksatria strongly suggests setting up the server in cloud, because it is more affordable, manageable, and can be installed quicker. This model allows you to focus on the medical aspects and patient healthcare without having to worry about the infrastructure and human resource issues.

However, if the internet connection in your area is inadequate or unstable, the on-premises model would be a more feasible option considering the aforementioned factors. s your partner, we are pleased to assist the digital transformation of your clinic or hospital, regardless the solution that best suits your needs.

To learn more about Ksatria’s hospital/clinic Information system, we offer free product demo sessions. Please choose a demo schedule that suits your availability by visiting this page. If you have further questions about our features, please contact our WhatsApp number at +62-821-4520-5712 or send an email to

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