Outpatient Information System: Focus on Efficiency and Accuracy

In the medical field, efficiency and accuracy are crucial factors that can impact the quality of healthcare services. In this regard, the outpatient information system in hospitals plays a significant role in ensuring efficient and accurate patient care processes. In this blog post, we will discuss several key features of the outpatient information system that focuses on efficiency and accuracy.

Service-Specific Format

Each patient has a comprehensive Electronic Medical Record (EMR), but doctors can record patient examination data according to their specialization, with specific formats. This allows for more focused and detailed medical management based on individual patient needs.

Single-View Application

The outpatient information system provides a consistent and familiar user interface for all clinical processes. This makes it easy for doctors to navigate and minimizes errors that may occur due to complex interfaces.

Collaborative Examination between Doctors and Nurses

Doctor’s examination data and nursing care will be combined into a comprehensive examination record. By promoting collaboration between doctors and nurses, the information recorded in the patient’s examination record will be more extensive and accurate.

Automatic Body Mass Index Calculation

The system expedites the collection of clinical information data by automatically calculating the Body Mass Index (BMI). This accelerates the process of gathering information related to patients’ body weight, height, and nutritional status.

Pain Scale and Fall Risk Variation

The system caters various pain scales and fall risk measurement methods that can be used for both adult and pediatric patients. This feature aids in the specific assessment of patient conditions and provides appropriate care.

Standardization of Examinations

Examinations can be recorded using the standardized Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan (SOAP) format. The fields can also be set to mandatory, so users won’t miss defining all the required data. This ensures consistency in documenting examinations and facilitates the utilization of examination data in the future.

Nursing Care

The system enables the storage of nursing care and diagnoses data. This information is useful for nurses in providing appropriate care and serves as a reference in the future.

Multi-Patient Examination

Doctors can easily switch from one patient to another using the patient list on the sidebar. This  helps save time for doctors and improves service efficiency.

Electronic Prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions can be created and immediately processed by the pharmacy department. The feature is integrated to the warehouse data, keeping the doctors from prescribing out-of-stock medicines. This minimizes errors and expedites the dispensing of medications to the patients.

Diagnostic Support Orders

Pathology tests, radiology, and other diagnostic support examinations or procedures can be electronically ordered through the system. This feature simplifies the ordering process and retrieval of the examination results.

Streamlined Admissions

Doctors can quickly and easily admit patients from outpatient clinics to the inpatient units, including room or bed reservations. Simplifying the admission process reduces patient waiting time and improves efficiency.

Referrals and Further Examinations

Referrals to other outpatient clinics or arrangements for follow-up visits can be made quickly and easily. This ensures that patients receive the necessary care promptly.

Order Tracking

Doctors can track the status of all their requests through the system. This feature helps ensure that doctors’ requests are fulfilled in a timely manner.

Medical Charges

The system allows doctors or nurses to charge necessary medical fees, including the use of drugs and disposables, and integrates the charged items to patient invoices. This facilitates financial administration processes and improves the accuracy of invoice calculations.

Medical Certificates

Sick leave letters, work restrictions, medical examinations, and other types of certificates can be electronically generated through the system. This expedites the process of releasing doctor’s certificates.

Supporting Documents

The system allows for the attachment of important patient documents as complementary information. This works as a mean of communication among health professionals when providing appropriate care.

Discharge Summary

Patient discharge can be documented with various types of preconfigured dismissal options. This ensures that patient discharge is comprehensive and aligned with the patient’s condition.

Visit Status

The progress of patient care can be easily monitored through the Outpatient CRUD List. Doctors can view the patient’s visit status and determine which patients to be taken care of next.

Important Notes

The system enables the recording of important patient notes that may contain specific information to be taken into consideration during patient care. This helps doctors and nurses provide tailored care.

Printing Examinations and Medical Certificates

Electronic medical records and medical certificates can be printed through the system for various purposes. This allows for easily accessible physical documentation.

In conclusion, the outpatient information system in hospitals that focuses on efficiency and accuracy encompasses several essential features that can enhance the quality of healthcare services. With service-specific formats, consistent user interfaces, collaboration between doctors and nurses, and other features, this system can expedite examinations, improve diagnosis accuracy, reduce errors, and optimize resource utilization. In the digital era, the outpatient information system has become an invaluable tool for hospitals to deliver efficient, accurate, and high-quality care to patients.

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