Hospital Bed Management Information System: Ease of Management

Bed management is a crucial aspect of hospital operations. To enhance efficiency and ease in bed management, an appropriate information system is highly necessary. In this article, we will discuss the hospital bed management information system by Ksatria eHospital that focuses on ease of management, with the following features:

  1. Room and Bed List: This system provides the management of room and bed data in the hospital. Information about the number of available rooms and beds are automatically updated and organized.
  2. Bed Management: This system allows users to easily add and modify bed data. For more comprehensive information, hospitals can also upload bed photos, making it easier for users to visualize the condition of the beds.
  3. Room Management: In addition to bed management, this system also facilitates room management. Users can easily add and modify room data, including information about the beds contained in each room. Room photos can also be uploaded to provide a clearer overview.
  4. Booking: This system provides comprehensive information on rooms and beds through a centralized booking system. Users can easily view bed availability, select suitable rooms, and efficiently make room reservations. The bed status also automatically changes along with the treatment progress, i.e., when a patient is dismissed, the occupied bed will become available.
  5. Bed Availability and KPI Dashboards: Information on bed availability can be quickly displayed through a dashboard. Users can easily see the number of beds that are vacant, occupied, or undergoing maintenance, facilitating decision-making regarding patient allocation. Standard hospitalization KPIs, such as BOR, LOS, BTO, and so on, are also displayed as chart, along with the Barber Johnson graph.
  6. Data Export & Import: This system facilitates users in entering or modifying data using standardized templates expediting the implementation process. The data export and import features keep users from manually entering the room and bed data.

The hospital bed management information system by Ksatria eHospital, focusing on ease of management, provides an effective solution for bed management. With features such as easy bed and room management, centralized booking system, bed availability dashboard, and data export and import capabilities, the hospitals can enhance efficiency, optimize bed utilization, and provide better patient care.

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