The Difference Between Klinik Pratama and Klinik Utama


According to the Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (PERMENKES RI) Number 9 of 2014, Clinic is a healthcare provider that offers primary or secondary medical services, depending on the medical officers available in the clinic. These medical officers could be doctors, nurses, and midwives. Based on the medical services provided by clinic to public community and the facilities owned by the clinic, there are 2 (two) types of clinics: Primary (Klinik Pratama) and Principal Clinic (Klinik Utama).

Primary Clinic is simpler than Principal Clinic whose facilities are more comprehensive and complex. Here are the differences between Primary and Principal Clinic.

Primary Clinic (Klinik Pratama)

Is the first level of the healthcare network system that provides basic or primary medical services. Primary Clinic (Klinik Pratama) consists of smaller clinics across Indonesia. The main roles of Primary Clinic (Klinik Pratama) are to handle less critical medical issues by providing necessary examination and treatment, and to provide preventive or promotive measures to the community nearby. Primary Clinics (Klinik Pratama) also plays a role to identify more serious medical problems and provide first aid prior to referring the patient to the higher level facilities, i.e., Principal Clinic (Klinik Utama) or hospitals.

Principal Clinic (Klinik Utama)

is the intermediate level facility in the healthcare network system (second to hospitals) that provide more specific and focused medical services, and more complex medical procedures with more advanced medical equipment. Principal Clinic (Klinik Utama) consists of clinics that are larger than primary clinics, that provide medical examination, treatments and other services to the community nearby, as well as patients who are referred from Primary Clinic (Klinik Pratama) for further treatment.

Primary Clinic (Klinik Pratama)

is required to have at least doctors, nurses, and other trained medical staff, other than sufficient supply of medicines and equipment. Meanwhile, Principal Clinic (Klinik Utama) is subject to more requirements compared to Primary Clinic (Klinik Pratama). Other than having doctors, nurses, and other trained medical staff, Principal Clinic (Klinik Utama) must employ specialists and highly skilled nurses, be equipped with sufficient medical supply and sophisticated equipment including software such as Hospital Information System (HIS).

Ksatria Medical System (KMS)

supports the regulation by providing Hospital Information System (HIS) for hospitals, as well as Primary and Principal Clinics.

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