From Paper to Electronic Medical Records ( EMR )

In this rapidly advancing digital era, hospitals must continuously adapt to technological developments to improve efficiency and the quality of healthcare services. One crucial aspect undergoing significant transformation is the medical records system. Traditionally, medical records relied on paper-based files, consuming considerable space and posing challenges in management. However, with the introduction of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) through Ksatria eHospital information system, hospitals can leverage modern technology to efficiently and effectively manage medical records electronically.

Electronic Medical Records: In Ksatria eHospital, EMR is a software that integrates patient clinical information from all clinical modules. With EMR, doctors can easily access a comprehensive overview of a patient’s medical history and current health conditions. All up-to-date medical data can be swiftly accessed, enabling more accurate and responsive medical care.

Less paper: Transitioning to EMR significantly reduces paper usage. All patient clinical information, ranging from medical history, examination results, to treatment records, is stored digitally. Reducing paper usage also has positive environmental impacts and helps hospitals achieve green healthcare principles.

Specialized Format for Each Service: Each hospital department and specialization have unique clinical information requirements. With Ksatria eHospital’s EMR, specialized features for each service enable medical teams to record and manage clinical information in formats specific to the needs of individual departments.

Data Quality Auditing: Clinical coding (ICD-10/ICD-9CM) is a crucial aspect of medical records. With Ksatria eHospital’s EMR, medical record staff can easily perform coding and maintain compliance with accreditation standards. This helps improve the accuracy and reliability of medical data.

Management of Paper Files: While EMR provides a comprehensive digital platform, some paper files may still be necessary as supporting documents. In Ksatria eHospital’s EMR, paper-based documents can be scanned or photographed, then uploaded into the record, creating a more comprehensive and organized medical records.

Modernizing medical records with EMR through Ksatria eHospital’s information system is a smart move for hospitals to enhance efficiency and accuracy in healthcare services. By reducing paper usage and providing customized features, EMR offers the best solution for managing medical records with ease and effectiveness. Facing future challenges, EMR becomes a strong foundation for hospitals to deliver superior healthcare services with a focus on patient needs.

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