From Paper to Electronic Medical Records ( EMR )

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In today’s rapidly advancing digital era, it is crucial for hospitals to adapt to technological developments and improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare services. One area of transformation is the medical records system, which is transitioning from paper-based files to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) through the Ksatria eHospital information system.

Electronic Medical Records

With Ksatria eHospital’s EMR software, doctors have easy access to a comprehensive overview of a patient’s medical history and current health conditions. This enables more accurate and responsive medical care by providing up-to-date medical data.

Less paper, More Efficiency

Transitioning to EMR significantly reduces paper usage, as all patient clinical information is stored digitally. This not only improves efficiency but also aligns with green healthcare principles, benefiting the environment.

Specialized Format for Each Service

Ksatria eHospital’s EMR offers specialized features for each hospital department and specialization. This allows medical teams to record and manage clinical information in formats specific to their needs, enhancing organization and efficiency.

Data Quality Auditing

Ensuring accurate and reliable medical data is crucial. With Ksatria eHospital’s EMR, medical record staff can easily perform clinical coding and maintain compliance with accreditation standards, improving the overall quality of medical records.

Management of Paper Files

Although EMR provides a comprehensive digital platform, some paper files may still be necessary as supporting documents. Ksatria eHospital’s EMR allows these paper-based documents to be scanned or photographed and uploaded into the record, creating a more comprehensive and organized system for managing medical records.

By embracing EMR through Ksatria eHospital’s information system, hospitals can enhance efficiency and accuracy in healthcare services. This transition not only reduces paper usage but also provides customized features to meet the unique needs of different departments.

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