Enhancing Efficiency with Multi-Service Patient Registration System


Patient registration is a crucial initial step in providing optimal healthcare services. To improve efficiency and patient convenience, hospitals are increasingly adopting multi-service patient registration systems. In this article, we will explore the key features of a multi-service patient registration system and how it can enhance patient experience and hospital efficiency.

Multi-Service: Registering Patients for Multiple Services in One Registration Process

A multi-service patient registration system allows users to register the patients for several services in a single registration process. This reduces the need for patients to register separately for each service they require. In one step, the patients can register for doctor visits, laboratory examinations, and other services, saving time and effort for both patients and hospital staff.

Automatic Registration Creation: Streamlining the Registration Process

The registration process can be expedited through the automatic creation of registrations after patient data entry. Once basic patient data is entered, the system automatically generates a registration number and other registration information. This reduces the need for manual form-filling by patients and speeds up the overall registration process.

BPJS Eligibility Verification: Assisting Patients with BPJS Insurance

Integration with the BPJS database allows hospitals to quickly verify the eligibility of BPJS-insured patients. With this system, hospital staff can directly check whether a patient has active BPJS health insurance and meets the requirements for receiving specific services. This ensures accurate payment information, facilitates patients in obtaining the healthcare services they need, and makes the claiming process to BPJS easier.

Initial Diagnosis and Referral Information: Complementary Data for the Treatment Process

For referred patients, the registration system allows for the input of initial diagnosis data and referral information during registration. Equipped with internationally-used codes such as the ICD 10 and ICD 9-CM, hospital staff can gather relevant information about the patient’s condition and prepare necessary treatment steps. This accelerates the treatment process and helps the medical team make more accurate clinical decisions.

Supporting Documents: Additional Information related to Registration

The patient registration system enables users to attach important documents as additional information related to the registration. For example, previous laboratory test results, medical records, or referral letters from external health facilities can be directly attached to the patient’s profile. Various types of files can be uploaded, granting the staff access to important information that may affect patient care.

Queue Ticket, Patient Labels, and Wristbands Printing: Assisting Patient Management and Identification

Users are able to print queue tickets to facilitate patient queue management and flow. Additionally, important information such as patient name, medical record number, and other details can be printed on patient labels in customizable sizes. Patient wristbands can also be printed at the registration desk or examination rooms to aid in quick and accurate patient identification.

To improve efficiency and provide a better patient experience, patient registration systems are more widely adopted in hospitals nowadays. With features such as one-step registration to multiple services, automatic registration creation, BPJS eligibility verification, input of initial diagnosis and referral information, supporting documents attachment, as well as printing of queue tickets, patient labels, and wristbands, these systems offer significant benefits. By adopting an efficient patient registration system, hospitals can enhance registration efficiency, optimize patient flow management, and ultimately provide better healthcare services to patients.

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