Enhancing Healthcare Services with Ksatria System at PT Adis Clinic

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PT Adis Clinic (ADF Clinic), operating under PT Adis Dimension Footwear, is dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services to its staff. To ensure the well-being of their employees, Adis Dimension Footwear established medical facilities that are registered and connected to the Indonesian government’s BPJS (Social Security Agency on Health). These facilities include a general practice clinic, dental clinic, mother and child clinic, and audiometry services. ADF Clinic also actively engages in community health activities and maintains an ambulance for immediate medical transfers.

However, the clinic faced challenges with manual management of patient records, resulting in a high administrative workload. To address these issues, PT Adis Clinic implemented the Ksatria eHospital Clinic Information System. This integrated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution aims to improve the quality of patient care and streamline administrative processes. This article delves into the implementation of the Ksatria eHospital system at ADF Clinic and highlights the benefits it brings to patients, staff, and the local community.

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Introduction to Ksatria eHospital Clinic Information System

The Ksatria eHospital Clinic Information System is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance medical services and optimize the workload of hospital staff. Offering advanced technology and ongoing development, this system integrates all department facilities effectively and efficiently. Its primary objective is to improve the quality of healthcare services by enhancing hospital or clinic Information System with Ksatria’s configuration feature and streamlining administrative processes.

Implementation of Ksatria eHospital at ADF Clinic

With the implementation of the Ksatria eHospital Clinic Information System, ADF Clinic experienced significant improvements in its operations. The system brought several key benefits:

    1. Medical Record Management Automation: The Ksatria eHospital system automated the process of managing patient medical records, enabling easy documentation and access to information such as patient data, diagnoses, medical history, and procedures. This automation reduced the risk of data loss and increased overall efficiency.

    1. Integration with HR System: ADF Clinic integrated the Ksatria eHospital system with its internal HR application. This integration facilitated the direct transfer of employee registration information from the HR application to the eHospital system, minimizing data entry errors and expediting the patient registration process.

    1. Improved Data Entry Speed and Accuracy: The integration between the HR application and the eHospital system ensured that employee and patient data remained up-to-date and accurate. This improvement in data accuracy led to better and more efficient medical services.

    1. Administrative Efficiency: The Ksatria eHospital system significantly reduced administrative workload by simplifying the recording, archiving, and distribution of patient medical records. This streamlined process minimized potential errors and delays.

Outcomes and Benefits

The implementation of the Ksatria eHospital Clinic Information System at ADF Clinic yielded several positive outcomes and benefits:

    1. Improved Patient Medical Service: Access to patient medical records became faster and more efficient, resulting in enhanced patient experiences. Healthcare providers could quickly retrieve and update necessary information, leading to more personalized and effective care.

    1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The reduction in administrative workload allowed ADF Clinic to allocate resources more efficiently, ultimately improving productivity. Streamlined processes and improved data management contributed to smoother operations within the clinic.

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    1. Reduced Wait Time: The integration of electronic registration processes and efficient data management led to reduced waiting times for patients. This optimization of the patient journey ultimately increased patient satisfaction.

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    1. Improved Coordination of Medical Care: The integration of patient and employee data enabled personalized and coordinated healthcare services across all ADF Clinic facilities. This seamless continuity of care was particularly beneficial when patients required transfers between different facilities.


The successful implementation of the Ksatria eHospital Clinic Information System has significantly improved our clinic’s operations and patient care. The system’s automation capabilities have made managing medical records easier, faster, and more effective. We can now quickly access and record important patient information, diagnoses, medical treatment history, and procedures. Additionally, drug supply tracking has become more efficient, improving our drug procurement planning processes.

Furthermore, the system’s reports provide valuable insights for our clinic. Integration with BPJS-Kes and our internal HR application has simplified health insurance claim processes and accelerated patient registration.

In the future, we hope to see further improvements and customization options in the Ksatria eHospital system. These enhancements would add great value to our clinic’s healthcare management solution.


The successful implementation of the Ksatria eHospital Clinic Information System at ADF Clinic showcases how advanced technology can enhance healthcare services and streamline administrative processes. The system’s integration with HR applications, automation of medical record management, and improved data accuracy have revolutionized operations at ADF Clinic. Patients benefit from faster access to medical records.

To learn more about Ksatria eHospital Clinic Information System, we offer free product demo sessions. Please choose a demo schedule that suits your availability by visiting this page. If you have further questions about our features, please contact our WhatsApp number at +62-821-4520-5712 or send an email to sales@ksatria.com.

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