Implementation of Ksatria Clinic System at PT Adis Clinic


PT Adis Clinic (ADF Clinic) is a medical facility operating under the management of PT Adis Dimension Footwear. ADF clinic is dedicated to maintaining, supporting and improving the health of the staff within the company. To achieve this goal, PT Adis Dimension Footwear established several medical facilities that are already registered and connected to the Indonesian government’s BPJS (Social Security Agency on Health).

Some services provided at these facilities include general practice clinic, dental clinic, mother and child clinic by midwife, and audiometry. ADF Clinic is also active in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and carries out community health activities. To anticipate emergency situations such as occupational incidents or other vital health issues that require immediate medical treatment at a hospital, PT Adis Dimension Footwear also provides ambulance for patient transfer.

Previously, this clinic didn’t have any systems like Ksatria eHospital to manage patient medical records; paper-based records were handled manually. This resulted in a quite high administrative workload.

Ksatria eHospital Clinic Information System

Ksatria eHospital Clinic Information System is an integrated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution for hospitals and clinics, that is designed with an advanced technology and continuous development approach. The main goal is to improve the quality of patient medical service and workload of hospital staff. The system integrates all department facilities effectively and efficiently.

Implementation of Ksatria eHospital Clinic Information System at ADF Clinic:

  1. Medical Record Management Automation: The implementation of Ksatria eHospital enables the clinic to automate patient medical record management process. Patients Information, diagnoses, medical history, and medical procedures can be easily documented and accessed through this system. This reduces the risk of data loss and increases efficiency.
  2. Integration with HR System:  PT Adis Dimension Footwear’s employees utilize its internal HR application to register themselves for medical services. Through integration, this information is directly transferred from the HR application to Ksatria eHospital. This minimizes data entry errors and speeds up the patient registration process.
  3. Improved Data Entry Speed and Accuracy: Integration with the HR application ensures the employees and patients data are always up-to-date and accurate. This leads to a better and more efficient medical services.
  4. Administrative Efficiency: With Ksatria eHospital clinic information system, administrative workload is reduced significantly. The process of recording, archiving, and distributing patient medical records becomes easier, reducing the potential of errors and delays.

Outcomes and Benefits

ADF Clinic can benefit from the implementation of Ksatria eHospital Clinic Information System at and the integration with its HR application, in the following ways:

  1. Improved Patient Medical Service: Patient service has become faster and more efficient due to easier access to patient medical records. This led to more positive patient experience.
  2. Improved Operational Efficiency: Administrative workload is reduced, allowing ADF Clinic allocate its resources more efficiently and eventually improves its productivity.
  3. Reduced Wait Time: Integrated registration processes that are done electronically and more efficient data management reduce the patient’s waiting time, which eventually optimizes the patient satisfaction.
  4. Improved Coordination of Medical Care: Integrated data of patients and employees provides personalised and coordinated healthcare services, among all ADF Clinic facilities. This allows for continous and seamless service when the patient changes facilities.

The implementation Ksatria eHospital Clinic Information System at ADF Clinic has brought positive changes in clinic management, and benefits for patients, clinic staff, to the local community.


We are really appreciative of the successful implementation of the Ksatria eHospital Clinic SIM in our clinic, which has greatly improved our clinic operations and patient care. The Ksatria eHospital Clinic SIM has made it easier, faster, and more effective in, managing medical records. Medical record management automation allows us to quickly access and record important information about patients, diagnoses, medical treatment history, and medical procedures. In addition, drug supplies are easier to track, which improves the efficiency of the drug procurement planning process.

Furthermore, the report formats in the system offers a range of reports that are useful for us. Integration between BPJS-Kes and PT Adis Dimension Footwear’s internal HR application has made the process of health insurance claim to BPJS-Kes simpler and has accelerated the patient registration process.

In the future, we‘re expecting the SIM Klinik Ksatria eHospital could improve its feature and be able to do data customization. If these points can be implemented, it will be a great value for SIM Klinik Ksatria eHospital.

We extend our deep appreciation for the advancements and look forward to working together and collaborating with SIM Klinik Ksatria eHospital as our clinic‘s health management solution provider.


This demonstrates how the Ksatria eHospital Clinic information system can enhance the quality of healthcare services and clinic management. To learn more about Ksatria eHospital Clinic Information System, we offer free product demo sessions. Please choose a demo schedule that suits your availability by visiting this page. If you have further questions about our features, please contact our WhatsApp number at +62-821-4520-5712 or send an email to

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