The Transition Towards Electronic Medical Records in Indonesia

The Regulation of Permenkes No. 24 year 2022 is released to support the implementation of the sixth pillars of Health Transformation that consists of health technology, primary service, hospital referral services, health resilience, health financing and health human resources transformation. The implementation of health technology transformation is digitizing medical record through electronic patient medical record system in all healthcare providers. This transition is due by the end of 2023.

The electronic patient medical record is intended to enable the citizensaccess their medical records, so it requires hospitals, clinics or other healthcare providers to have Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform in their facilities. The platform starts with patient registration, distribution, recording and reporting of patient medical records, as well as transfer of medical records between healthcare facilities.

To access their medical records, patient use PeduliLindungi, an application normally used by Indonesian to access vaccines certificates during covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities must be connected to SATUSEHAT, the government’s integrated platform.

Hospitals that are financially stable, especially those that are part of hospital chains, should have no major issues in integrating their EMR to SATUSEHAT. On the other hand, many other hospitals in Indonesia might be struggling to implement Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and integrate it to SATUSEHAT, for various reasons.

To measure hospital digitization, Ministry of Health released a Digital Maturity Index. The Index assess hospital in terms of governances, organization, and human resources’ plan in allocating their resources to focus on networking or IT system.

Ksatria Medical Systems (KMS) has a solution for hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities to comply with Permenkes No. 24 year 2022. Our system supports the integration of the patients’ EMR with  SATUSEHAT.

To learn more about KMS, we provide a free product demo session. You can select a time that best fits your schedule here. Should you have further inquiry about the features in KMS, please contact our WhatsApp number at +62-821-4520-5712 or email us at

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