An Efficient and Comprehensive Electronic Medical Records System


Looking for an efficient and comprehensive medical records system? Look no further than Ksatria Medical System (KMS) and its Electronic Medical Record (EMR) features! Here are some benefits of EMR System which is just one module of our Hospital Information System (HIS). This is  followed by a short video.

Consolidated Patient Clinical Information

Access all patient clinical information from KMS's clinical modules in one place, providing clinicians with a complete picture of patients' clinical history and current health.

Paperless System

Reduce paper usage, save costs, and improve environmental sustainability with our paperless system that captures and stores all clinical information electronically.

Service-Specific Records

View service-specific records for every hospital service and specialty, allowing clinicians to easily access relevant information and make informed decisions about patient care.

Data Quality Audits

Data Quality Audits: Ensure that patient data is accurately captured and coded with complete clinical coding (ICD-10/ICD-9CM), performed by our MR (Medical Record) Staff to achieve standard MR audit level.

Improved Medical Record Management

Spend less time managing paper records and more time on critical tasks with our system that allows MR Staff to quickly search patient medical record hard copies.

Choose KMS’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) features for an efficient, comprehensive, and modern medical records system that benefits patients and medical professionals alike! Here is our short video about KMS’s Clinical features: 

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